Alt*Pride wants to be an alternative to Prague Pride. We want to show that the queer identity should not be a commodity, marketing ploy or a theme for “corporate social responsibility”. We want to draw attention to often neglected issues such as class, ethnicity and the origin and role played by social inequalities in exclusion and oppression within and outside the queer community. We want to reflect the influence of capitalism, economic globalisation and the resulting consumerism on the queer community and offer an alternative to traditional Pride events, which rarely confront these phenomena.

Our plan is to organise lectures, discussions and workshops on neglected topics, performances, concerts, inclusive queer parties and to take part in the Prague Pride march, where we intend to make these themes visible. We want to be a place for those who do not feel comfortable at Prague Pride events, whether because they don’t fit in or disagree with them for whatever reason.

We are members of feminist, autonomous, anarchist, human-rights, anti-racist and environmental movements, who want a different Pride week. We celebrate diversity, solidarity and cooperation. We see Pride in a different way. You are invited to take part in a different Pride, which welcomes all people without making differences, together without VIP statuses and commercial ballast. All events at Alt*Pride are free of charge and DIY.


The Alt*Pride organisational team is looking for people who would like to take part in the production of our events. We also need volunteers to help at individual events. If you would like to perform, play, give a lecture or lead a workshop within the broad scope of Alt*Pride themes, let us know!
Join us!

Programme 2018

  • ALT*PRIDE Prague:    SEX AND SOCIETY:  “A queer alternative againts capitalism!”  from 2. to 12. 8. 2018
  • ALT*PRIDE Pilsen:     SEX AND SOCIETY:  “A queer alternative againts fascism!” from 24. to 25. 8. 2018
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